All things feminine & dolly, with a touch of fantasy; By Dollette is a collection of made to order, handmade clothing and lingerie, all designed and made with love in Victoria, Australia. Drawing inspiration from babydoll and lolita fashion styles, comes our unique blend of flirtatious innocence. Our Dollette is soft-hearted, angel aura, bambi eyed, with ribbons in her hair and rose kissed blush cheeks. She is kindness and softness personified, sweet wheat and sugar syrup on a spring night.  This collection is a love note to femininity and expressing it unapologetically. 

By Dollette is focused on made to order, slow fashion, low waste and sustainability. All fabrics & supplies are sourced from ethical manufacturers and our postage materials are all made with recycled paper. All of our items are made by our very small team in Australia.